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We Help People Stop Dieting and Start Living - We Make Weight Loss Simple, Hunger Free and Permanent!

We understand that people need to have choices when it comes to controlling weight, which is why our range of services are tailored to suit you and the way you live.

Our goal is not just to help you achieve your desired weightloss, but also to help you understand how to sustain your result, by adopting amore balanced approach to living, and therefore benefitting from improved overall health in the longer-term.

Whichever of our approaches below, you choose to adopt, you will have one of our Personal Weight Loss Coaches working alongside you to guide you each step of the way.

Let us support you on route to a slimmer, healthier you!

One to One Coaching and Support Service

A busy work schedule, family commitments or personal preference may mean that classes are not right for you.

Our unique, personalised, weight loss coaching service means you can meet with your Personal Weight Loss Coach face-to-face each week, at a time that suits you. Through regular one-to-one consultations, your Coach will develop an understanding of your personal needs and lifestyle, and will provide you with the information (covering the weekly topics as above), strategies and support you need to overcome any challenges and optimize your success.

FREE initial, no-obligation, consultation in which we will calculate your BMI, % body fat,resting metabolic rate, metabolic age, protein requirements and more.

Book your appointment now by calling /texting us on 07487 224910

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I am Carole Knott and  have over 13 years of Herbalife experience based in North Yorkshire.

Ourselves and our team of great coaches, make good health and wellbeing something for everybody in the North Yorkshire area and beyond, with simple advice and great support.

We specialise in helping you get into the shape of your life, for life. We have all achieved great success with the Herbalife amazing nutrition solutions both personally and with hundreds of clients.

Wether you want to shape up, improve your energy, wellbeing or physical performance, just contact us and know that  we can help you with a simple, affordable solution for real people, whatever your lifestyle, and we can then support you all the way.

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